Mitsubishi Service

Do you own a Mitsubishi? Good news for you is that Mitsubishi is one of the vehicle brands with the highest resale value. Keeping your car properly maintained can help you get the best trade-in offers when you decide to sell it. At Milex Auto, we handle all of the repairs and maintenance that your vehicle may need to deliver optimal performance throughout its lifetime. From fluid changes to brake services & engine work, we perform everything with an honest approach.

With highly skilled and experienced mechanics, we guarantee that your Mitsubishi vehicle will be serviced promptly and correctly. If your vehicle is not performing well, we know how to optimally care for the vehicle. With the right knowledge and advanced equipment, we can fix the problem and get you back on the road quickly. We have set the highest standards, so you can feel confident that your vehicle is in good hands.      

Emergency Repairs, Routine Maintenance & Logbook Service:

We know how frustrating it would be when your vehicle suddenly breakdowns. If you ever need emergency service, you can call our team for a prompt response. Our mechanics will be at your place within a short time and provide you with the best service to make you feel ease.

Following the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule will help keeping your vehicle running at its peak condition. Whether you are looking for logbook service for your new car to keep its warranty valid or need maintenance service for your old Mitsubishi, we can help.   

You Can Rely On Us For

At Milex Auto, we make it our priority to keep your vehicle running efficiently with our repair and maintenance service.  For appointments call 03 8353 2479 or visit our Derrimut shop!